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Coal Minin Equipment And Technology Exhibition
Author: ZYZJTime: 2015-04-22 views:

The 9th China (Beijing) International Coal Mining Equipment and Technology Exhibition 

The exhibition content brief introduction:Coal Industry Development Twelve Five Plan put forward to the 2015,our country will form ten million ton and ten 50 million tons level large coal enterprises.Nationwide the degree of mechanization of coal mining more than 75%, million-ton coal mine reached 60.
The objectives are:development layout is obvious optimization,configuration and exploration of resources are standardized and orderly;Coal Production take large-scale coal enterprises,large-scale cale bases and large modern coal mine main, basically form a stable supply situatioin;technological innovation make new progress,coal industry outlook further improve;serious accidents is significantly reduce,production safety situation have improve;Comprehensive utilizatioin of resources and circular economy rapid development,coal mining subsidence governance make great progress,mining area ecological environment has significantyly improve;increase control of coal resources and regulatory force of coal market,promoting China's coal industry to ebark on a low resource consumption,less environmental pollution,high cost,safe and secure,healthy and sustainable development of the new road to industrialization.

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